Assemblage - where only the finest wines, champagnes and connoisseurs from around the world are gathered. Wine lovers ourselves, we are always on the hunt to bring the best wines to you.

The authentic wine experience

Every single bottle of wine is delicately primed to recreate the most authentic wine experience for you. Even before leaving the wineries, they are placed in temperature controlled storage casks which minimises sunlight exposure (avoiding wine damage lightstrike). After travelling thousands of miles to Assemblage, a series of inspections are carried out to ensure that all wine bottles are top quality.

Wine Education

Not everyone is born a wine connoisseur. Assemblage arms you with the knowledge about wine tasting and wine selection, so you’ll not only be able to distinguish which wines are perfect for your tastebuds, but also have the confidence to try wines with slightly more acquired taste. Visit our Instagram and Facebook Page to learn more!